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Breaking News for December 10, 2013 to report on the latest breakfast foods. Send this to your friends and family as I will be taking this down when the next breaking news comes along.

We interrupt today's normal routine to report on breakfast foods that are not blood sugar friendly yet they look deceptive. For English muffin, choose only the whole grains and just eat half. With yogurt, choose the unsweetened one. Nuts and grains are good in small portions but avoid those with added sugar and dried fruits. Bran muffins are okay if you avoid the super sized ones.

Bagels are deceptive because even if labeled as multi-grain or whole wheat, many have refined flour. Smoothies are okay without the added sugar from bananas and sweetened yogurt. Oatmeal is still fine but opt in for the right kind like the old-fashioned rolled oats.

End of Breaking News

Symptoms of diabetes? Are you wondering if you have them? Imagine the worry and time you will save if you knew for sure whether or not you or your loved ones had them. Believe me for we have been there.

Two years ago, my husband started feeling ill. It changed our life for we had to give up the activities we love so much. But we were not down and out. We rolled up our sleeves and did hours and hours of research. We had our doctor confirm our findings and sure enough, my husband has diabetes.

We mapped out a plan to conquer this enemy and we did it in one year. Now we are ready to share with you our experiences on how we fought this battle and won the war. You, too, can do the same.

Here are the symptoms of diabetes:

  • Feeling excessively thirsty
  • Always feeling hungry
  • Frequently urinating
  • Weight loss that cannot be explained
  • Itchy rash in the fold of the skin
  • Urinary tract infections

The following may also occur:

  • Vision is blurred
  • Cuts heal poorly
  • Mouth is dry
  • Easily gets tired
  • Unusual infections
  • Impotence in men
  • Lack of feeling or tingling in hands, feet and legs
If you have any of the above symptoms of diabetes, go and see your doctor for tests and confirmation. Then come back and read the rest of the story.

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American Diabetes Wholesale Health Supplies and Products

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Diabetes A to Z : What You Need to Know about Diabetes - Simply Put

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And cheers to World Diabetes Day! Let's all light a candle in celebration!

Free Symptoms of Diabetes Alert? We keep track of any alert so we can report it. This way, the diabetics will know if there are changes to be made in the management of their condition. Hypoglycemia for instance is a problem. To solve this, it is good to alert friends and family so they will know what to do when the conditions get to the point the diabetic cannot act on what should be done. So learn the signs; they differ among the different kinds of this condition.

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Financial Aid Medications Medications are not affordable for quite a few people. Sometimes it is a struggle for people without insurance to manage their chronic condition like diabetes. However, there are programs out there that can offer assistance for those who do not have insurance and cannot afford to obtain the necessary medications to manage diabetes.

I will name some of them here but due to time and space constraint, it is in Savings Programs There is a word of warning though. Beware of websites that that will tell you that you can obtain a lot of free medications for a fee. Make sure you ask questions and before paying a fee to get their assistance. For this website, the information is free and there is no fee whatsoever for any assistance.

Here are two saving programs that you can investigate. The first one called The Together RX Access Card was formed by leading pharmaceutical companies to help struggling Americans to get savings of as much as 25 to 40% on brand name medicines and products. Just get the free card that you can use as many times as you need at or call 1-800-966-0407.

Then there is the PPA short for Partnership for Prescription Assistance that helps those with no coverage for prescription medicines for free or almost free. PPA is an entry point for more than 475 private and public programs that includes almost 200 pharmaceutical companies where one can get free or almost free medicines through their website at

234x60 Discount Medical Supplies Managing Diabetes on a Budget

Diabetes is expensive. American Diabetes Association says so. So do the doctors and the hospitals admit that it is costing the health care system a lot of money, We all agree it costs a lot to look after the diabetes but we have it with us now and so we must find a way to live with it in a most affordable way.

The most important thing to do is to manage the diabetes so it will not control us both physically and financially. What we can do is compare the expenses incurred for managing the diabetes against the expenses we will face when we develop the complications. As Dr. Bill Polonsky says, "Diabetes causes nothing." For really it is poor management that leads to complications.

We all know this is difficult to do for there are other variables but once we jump over the hurdles of knowing it is worth it to manage the diabetes, then we can find ways and means to save money in the process. It will take discipline to plan ways on how we can invest on taking care of the diabetes or pay more later. So let us now see how we can save in the four areas of diabetes management.

How to Save on the Diet Portion of Diabetes Management Let us see how we can save on the diet portion of our diabetes management. We know we have to limit our carbohydrate consumption but then we must have quality proteins. This we can do by choosing the less expensive fish and meats. The meats do not have to be filet mignon but rather some cheaper cuts will do.

And we don't really need that much super-sized protein. Excess protein just becomes glucose and you know what that will do to our blood glucose level. The Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine says men need 56 grams of protein while women need 46 grams.

How to Save on the Physical Activity Area of Diabetes Management This is one area where we can save the most. All we need is a good pair of walking shoes, We don't need stylish clothes to exercise either so most of what we need are already in our house. If you want to invest in a set of dumbbells, do what I did; I waited till they were on sale at TjMaxx.

How to Save on the Medication Area of Diabetes Management I have to agree this is the most expensive area but if we need insulin, we can opt for the insulin that costs less like the 70/30 NovoLog or Humulin insulin. Tell your doctor so he can prescribe this instead of the standard basal insulin. Also if you cannot afford it, I devoted a whole issue of ezine called Diabetes Positive Approach on how to get free insulin.

Sign up to receive the monthly Diabetes Positive Approach newsletter and then contact me here and write there that you want the back issue of the newsletter with links to free insulin. Some links may have moved but there are over 30 of them so some are bound to work. Besides it will give you an idea as to where to get some for yourself.

Some are just taking oral medication and you can save money on this as well. The cheapest one is metformin but tests show it works well and more safe than others. Watch also for pharmacies that give them out for free. In addition, there are some financial aid you can apply for.

As for testing supplies, Walmart they say has the ReliOn meter and strips that cost the least. It may not be the best meter but it is better to be able to test the blood sugar level than not at all. However, I found Amazon has the cheapest test strips.

As mentioned above, there are also some financial aid available that hopefully I will have time to write on next time around, but please be careful of scammers. Don't give your login information to anybody who asks for it claiming that in return they will help you. Some have lost thousands of dollars on these scammers so don't be a victim.

How to Save on the Managing Stress Area of Diabetes Management This should be the cheapest among the four areas of diabetes management for sometimes all we need is to slow down. I have two favorite ways of managing stress. One is Yoga but the picture you will see there is not me, okay? The other one is just plain meditation. I just close my eyes and start thanking God for everything He has given me.

I say aloud what I am thankful for, "Thank you God for my strong and healthy heart that is beating very well. Thank you God for my strong and healthy blood pressure level that is now reading 115/75 but thank you for giving me 130/80 at the doctor's office." And so on and so forth. Then I breathe in through the nose for four seconds and follow each one with breathing out of the mouth for 11 seconds. And believe it or not, in six minutes, I feel rejuvenated, ready to work again.

It is easy to meditate if you have good instruction. If you don't have anybody to help you check that book mentioned above called "Wherever You Go There You Are" by Jon Kabat-Zinn. It is less than $10 and will save you a lot living stress-free in this world of ours. As you can see there are savings that you can have in managing the four areas of diabetes. It is wise to invest in a long, happy and healthy life. What do you think?

Telemedicine Improves Diabetics Health
In this modern age of communication explosion there is really no need for anyone to be left out of the loop. This most especially benefits the diabetics in economically disadvantaged communities. By using telemedicine - diabetes website portals and mobile devices, the diabetics can improve their lipids, blood glucose and blood pressure levels.

This is what has been reported by eHealth Initiative. Since this can lower hospital admissions and emergency visits, the health care cost can be reduced. As smart phones become affordable, they can be used to gain access to information on nutrition, workouts, as well as how to calculate risk to develop diabetes and monitor compliance to medications and vital signs.

Some e-health technologies found to improve diabetic health are the Home Telemedicine program, the IDEATel ( Informatics for Diabetes Education and Telemedicine Study, the DiaBetNet which employs a wireless digital assistant with diabetes management software for 8 to 18 year olds.

There are wearable ones like the MX40 that helps clinicians see ECG and other vital signs, the BioHarness BT that can monitor blood oxygen, blood pressure and ECG. Then there's the Zoll Life Vest that can be used as a tool to assess weight management. It will help monitor the calorie burn. I have the complete list; if you are interested, just say so in the contact form.

Honey Helps Heal Diabetic Foot Wounds: Study

I don’t know how effective honey is in healing the diabetic foot wounds but I am a sucker for any natural remedy without side effects and affordable enough for most people so I feel there is no harm in reporting this and trying it out. The only problem is that the study did not mention how to use the honey but I will keep tracking this down.

You see, at the Karachi University’s Dr Panjwani Centre for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research (PCMD), honey was reported to be useful in various clinical conditions including the healing of the diabetic foot wounds. This is one of the things they found in the last ten years studying the beneficial effects of honey.

Wanted: An Endocrinologist Who Understands

I understand the frustration this PWD (Person With Diabetes) man feels for his endocrinologist who does not seem to get what a type 1 feels and the burn out that comes along every once in a while. Of course one does not want a “yes man” endo who should be a little aggressive to find what fits a unique patient.

An endo should allow e-logging of BG levels, downloading CGM and use of office pump with no extra charge, do excellent calculation of basal dose and chat for at least a full 15 minutes about the condition all at no extra cost. But there is a need for some support from someone who understands the situation and that could only be from an endo who has diabetes himself. Of course this is a two-way street. An endo can only do so much without the patient’s cooperation. But getting that extra understanding will help the patient do more on his side of the equation, don’t you think?

But if one is not happy with his condo, he should find another one. If you live in Dallas, TX area there’s an excellent endo there by the name of Dr. Christina Bratcher who puts her patient on the right track. And her whole office will make you feel you are family. Quite a few people recommend Dr. Christina Bratcher with Diabetes America. If you live somewhere else, try to google Diabetes America where you can find a good endo.

Health Care Reform Bill–26 Upheld By the Highest Court of the Land!

Do you know why I am dancing the jig these days? The Supreme Court Upheld the Health Care Reform Bill-26, that’s why. And what does this mean for people with diabetes? Plenty and I will name a few. For a start, no insurance company can deny coverage to anyone and parents can keep their kids up to age 26 on family policies.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a PWD (person with diabetes) diagnosed at age 7 with type 1 didn’t say anything in the Supreme Court but I am sure she had a hand on this. Saying too much anyway may just alienate some people. Still I am sure she is for us and it is a nice feeling to have a friend in high places.

Some lawyers have expressed positive reaction. One said the law may not be perfect but there’s provision for affordable health care out there and those concerned can work on it to make it better. Another lawyer who has type 1 diabetes said he is real pleased because this can only be better than what they have now and may get close to a national health care plan.

Here are some more:

32 Million: The estimated number of currently uninsured Americans who will receive coverage under the bill

$88,000: New health insurance subsidies would be provided to families of four making up to $88,000 annually, or 400 percent of the federal poverty level

Pre-existing conditions: Insurance companies will be prohibited from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

Doughnut Hole: Under current law, Medicare stops covering drug costs after a plan and beneficiary have spent more than $2,830 on prescription drugs. It starts paying again after an individual’s out-of-pocket expenses exceed $4,550. Called the doughnut hole, it will be closed by 2020.

40% Tax: A 40 percent tax would be imposed on insurance companies providing “Cadillac” health plans valued at more than $10,200 for individuals and $27,500 for families. The tax would kick in starting in 2018.

Fruit, Veggies Tied to Lower Diabetes Risk

Our mothers told us to eat our vegetables and how right they are. This is what a recent study found out which is not really a surprise. It has been said many times that eating fruits and vegetables are good for us and now a recent study backs this up.

The study involved 3700 adults. Those who consumed the most fruits and vegetables in a week had a lower risk to develop type 2 diabetes over 11 years. And here’s the surprise. It matters not how much fruits and vegetables some people consumed if they ate a variety of them. It still lowers their risk of developing diabetes. How about you? Did eating fruits and vegetables help you?

Soft drinks: Public Enemy No.1 in Obesity Fight?

This is something all of us must take to heart. We can’t just ignore the fact there are substantial calories in a bottle of soft drinks. No wonder many of our children and teens are obese and it is getting so difficult to treat them. Unless we do something to change this, the dire prediction that diabetes statistics will go up by 50% will come true.

Finding the Best in You

You have the power to be the best; you just have to keep still to find it. It’s in the stillness where peace and love come to be. Do it twice a day: 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon and you will be more energized and calm. It is where you will feel joy and contentment, where you will find ways to face the challenges you meet every day. You will sleep better and improve your relationship with the people in your life.

Diabetic Foot Helped by Advanced Treatments

This breakthrough treatments making the difference is indeed good news. They include advanced technologies that encourage healing like the use of bioengineered skin substitutes from living or non-living tissue which surgeons place over the wound in order to hasten growth of healthy skin.

Another advanced treatment is NPWT which is negative pressure therapy. This makes use of a wound dressing, an airtight film over the wound and a drainage tube that draws extra fluid. This allows the growth of new tissue. They have also improved the skin grafting for foot ulcers by using plastic surgery technique that was used only for facial reconstruction before.

How Sitting All Day Is Damaging Your Body and How You Can Counteract It

Is that all there is to it to counteract the damage to the body by sitting all day? Just stand once every hour and exercise for 30 minutes a day? That’s great for those are highly doable solution although I also like what the author said about standing up when the crappy ads come on. Really these little things will help us get healthier and avoid those nasty diseases.

Diabetes and Adolescents

It’s true when diabetes and adolescents are addressed, a lot of time is also spent with the parents. What has been observed is that parents usually gives commands making the issue of glucose control a battle instead of a cooperative endeavor.

I do believe though that parents are willing to provide support; it is that they are so concerned about the children that makes them say what the children don’t want to hear so I am glad they are addressing this issue to make the family intervention done right by employing Behavioral Family Systems Therapy that involves four therapy components.

Insulin Pumps - Availability of Reimbursement and Favorable Clinical Trial Data to Drive Market Growth
The growing incidence of diabetes could only mean an expected market growth for insulin pumps which help improve the quality of life of the diabetics because they help to balance and control the blood sugar level, thus reducing the risk for complications. All those who use insulin pumps should really be reimbursed as their use will lessen the visits to the emergency rooms. Thank you for this helpful article as it also serves as a reminder to ask for reimbursement so all those who think they cannot afford insulin pumps can ask if it is covered by their insurance.

Pumping Insulin: Everything You Need For Success On A Smart Insulin Pump

BD Introduces the World's First Safety-Engineered Pen Needle With Passive, Dual-Ended Protection
This is great news not only for the health care workers but also for the diabetic patients because this type of tool will ensure the delivery of insulin will be more effective as it will go directly to where it is supposed to go. We hope this will be in use in all facilities as soon as possible so all will benefit from the advantages this new tool offers.

Rebuilder 300 - Neuropathy Treatment


Diabetes Website for Self-Care Launched


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